When my portion of THE PERFECT FIT arrived, my wonderful Monday night Bible study friends prayed over the boxes... and each book inside.   I am so humbled by their heart-felt cries out to God.   

Not sure how my dog, Bella, got into that picture.  But there she is - as if it were all about her.    

PRAYER                                   March 26,2017

Just started a new study on prayer and have been reflecting on my personal prayer habits.  I need help.  I talk with my Father God daily, but in the heat of the day, I get into "doing life" and forget the power of God's presence through prayer.  How foolish!

Prayer keeps us in constant communication with God, relying on Him for our every day.  After all, prayer-less lives are powerless lives, and prayer-filled lives are power-filled lives. 

God desires us to walk in power, but even more, I believe, HE desires us to walk in His presence.  He wants us to be healed, but even more He wants us to know the Healer. He desires that we understand truth, but more wants us to walk with the Truth.  God is so much more concerned about our character and relationship with Him than our circumstances. We must be entirely connected to Him and praying always does just that. It is not about the way we live but WHO we live for.  It is not about doing something, but the SOMEONE we focus our lives on.  It is all about HIM. God's power in me as I live out what He has called me to do daily.