Mona is a teacher – from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. She passionately loves learning, sees lessons daily in life and feels compelled to share with any soul within hearing distance. Mona believes that teaching is her God-given gift, her calling and a passion that rules her life, especially when teaching God’s Word to women. It is one of her greatest desires to see women living abundant lives, the lives Christ intended. She has been leading women’s events – seminars, workshops, retreats, luncheons, classes and camps, for nearly 20 years ... loving every single moment. Her events are full of sincerity, relatable music, rich Biblical application, unforgettable object lessons and laughter – loud, contagious, eye-rolling laughter. She and her husband, Paul, reside in southern New Jersey where they are devoted to family. They have three adult daughters, one son-in-law and a little dog, with big-attitude, named Bella. Mona enjoys teaching, researching topics, being outside and happy dancing. Mona has a B.S. from Messiah College, several educational certifications, and is currently completing her masters from Rowan University. She has taught K-12 students, college students, college professors, and currently spends her days with middle school students

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